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At B&J Skate Center - St. Joseph Missouri

I Can't Dance!

And Other Zumba Questions

"Oh I could never dance like THAT!" Well I'm here to tell you... YES YOU CAN!

Not only will you dance, you will have a blast doing it and you will soon forget about whatever inhibitions you might have come with and you will be swaying, shaking and shimmying.

"What if I mess up the steps?" My answer, "Who Cares?" There is not a panel of judges sitting on the sidelines ready to hold up a score and critique your moves. (This isn't Dancing With the Stars). You learn Zumba by doing. I lead and you follow along at first. After a few classes you will be moving and grooving right along with the music.

"I'm not sure I can do all those moves?" OK, do what you can. Zumba is the ultimate fitness program for modifying your workout as you go. Sometimes you may not bend as low as I go, or you may not lunge as hard, maybe that one ankle is a little gimpy so you don't turn on it as hard. Fine! Just keep moving. Just keep dancing. Just keep the heart pumping and the sweat going. It's a workout and a party.   Zumba Dancing

"I see people wearing these cool Zumba clothes, do I have to wear something specific to Zumba?" No, you don't have to wear Zumba clothing or any specific clothes to participate. Just wear some good workout out clothes that let you move around freely. You need to turn and bend and step so wear clothes that allow you to move around without restriction. Shoes need to be supportive. The best kinds of shoes are ones that have a slicker sole so you can turn and pivot. Most tennis shoes will work to get started.

"What is the process? What should I expect when I arrive at B&J to do Zumba?" We ask that you arrive at least 15 minutes before the class is scheduled to start. We start on time and the music is timed out so we get going on time to finish on time. There is a sign in table where you can pay for the class, have your card punched (first class with us is free) or purchase a punch card. There is water available or you can bring your own. Since we have a large area many people like to warm up by walking a few laps before the class starts.