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At B&J Skate Center - St. Joseph Missouri

HELP! I'm Addicted to Zumba!

I am warning you right now. Zumba is ADDICTIVE in the Extreme! You will get hooked. You will get excited. And if you do it regularly you will get into shape.Zumba T

Why is it so addictive? Lot's of people who haven't tried it ask that question (Your spouse or significant other will ask!). I think part of the answer lies in the fact that for so many of us, staying in shape is drudgery. Walking or running endless miles, circuit training, hours on the treadmill, the latest workout video. Whatever it is we have tried to do to stay in shape and lose weight is many times a lonely endeavor. We drag ourselves to the workout, we endure it, we know we need to do it, but many times the fun factor has been missing.

Zumba is different. Dancing in general is fun. But in Zumba you really get to dance. And you get to dance in ways that you may not have before. The Latin music gets your blood flowing. You learn that you can shake it and not break it! Pretty soon your hips are swaying and your are into a Salsa step that you had never imagined you would do. And everyone around you is right in the thick of it with you. It really does become a party.

I know I was thinking to myself, "I'm having such a blast, how can a workout be this much fun?" But make no mistake, no matter how much fun your having, you are getting a real workout.

The other part of the addiction is harder to explain. Maybe it's somewhat like the "Runners High" that many long distance runners talk about. Whatever it is, the Zumba feeling is a great feeling to have. Instead of walking out of the workout exhausted and spent you leave feeling like you have put in the effort and achieved something good for yourself. You get a sense of accomplishment (for lack of a better word).

When you get the Zumba habit in your blood you just have to keep doing it. That's why I have tried to offer a number of classes at some different times. Your B&J Zumba Punch Card gives you lots of class session options. And, since your B&J Zumba Card does not expire, if you have to miss a week, your not throwing away your sessions!

If all this sounds too good to be true, a "fun workout that really works." All I can say is give it a try. Let yourself get into the rhythm and soon enough I think you might just be saying "I'm addicted to Zumba!"

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